Apply to be a Visiting Scholar at IRLE

If you are interested in coming to IRLE as a visiting scholar,

please contact our Director

Chris Tilly and include:


Your current CV

Brief research proposal

Requested dates of stay


For more information on UCLA's visiting scholar program please see the UCLA Graduate Division.

IRLE Scholars


IRLE Visiting Scholars

IRLE Visiting Scholars spend from a month to a year in residence at IRLE working on a research project and interacting with UCLA scholars and students.

Our research network is global! Explore this map to see current and former IRLE Visiting Scholars


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Current Visiting Scholars

The following scholars are currently in residence:


Feng Dai Headshot
Feng Dai (in residence: September 2014-August 2015) is an Associate Professor in the school of Economics at Nanjing Audit University and a PHD of Nanjing University.  Her research at IRLE will focus on the effect of US-China trade on US local labor market.
Xingguo Li Headshot
Xingguo Li (in residence: September 2014-August 2015) an Associate Professor at China Institute of Industrial Relations.  Her research at IRLE will focus on governments’ role in labor relations and comparative study of labor policy concerning informal workers between China and the United States.
Rebecca Oliver (in residence: May-August 2015) is a Lecturer at the University of Southern California.  She received her Ph.D. from the Department of Political Science at Northwestern University. Her research examines the politics of inequality with respect to labor markets and social policy.  Her research at IRLE investigates how collective bargaining practices for full-time workers influence practices for atypical workers in Europe and the United States.  


Former IRLE Visiting Scholars

Research Affiliates

IRLE Research Affiliates form a community of scholars conducting research and dialogue on issues of work and employment. Though most are based at UCLA, the IRLE network extends nationally and globally.