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Bad Jobs and Global Jobs

Research conducted as part of the "Global Strategies for Improving Low-Wage Jobs" project contributed to IRLE Director Chris TIlly's new coedited volume "Are Bad Jobs Inevitable"

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Experiences Organizing Informal Workers

Chris Tilly

Research Partners: UC Berkeley; University of Massachusetts; University of Campinas, Brazil; Cornell University; Peking University; Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Johns Hopkins University; Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa, Mexico; Center for Research and Higher Education in Social Anthropology (Mexico); University of Witwatersrand, South Africa; University of Toronto; York University; CUNY; Rutgers University; and UCLA Departments of Urban Planning and Sociology.



Analyze to Win: The Crucial Role of Strategic Research in Building Worker Power in the Neoliberal Economy

Chris Tilly
Research Partner: Joshua Bloom, UCLA Department of Sociology


Globalization and Labor Standards

Katherine Stone
Research Partners: UCLA School of Law


Global Retail Landscapes

Chris Tilly

Research Partner: Francoise Carré, University of Massachusetts, Boston


Global Strategies for Improving Low-Wage Jobs

Chris Tilly, Pamela Izvanáriu


Regulating Atypical Employment Relationships in China

Xiaohui Ban  (IRLE Scholar)

Pilipino Worker Center workers with sign

The Bifurcation of the U.S. Long-Term Care Industry and the Rise of Filipina Immigrant Entrepreneurship

Jennifer Pabelonia Nazareno (IRLE Scholar)


Vocational and Technical Education in China: Possibilities for Migrant Workers in the Process of Urbanization

Ni Tang (IRLE Scholar)


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