2014-15 Student Small Grant Awardees


Student Name
Project Title
Fernando Chirino Sociology

Race, Gender, and the Fight for 15

Daniel Schneider Sociology Gendering Profession: Experiences of Nursing in the U.S
Skye Allmang Social Welfare (Re)entering employment: How youth with juvenile or criminal justice histories overcome barriers to work
Michael Ishimoto Education

Japanese American Farmers and Organized Labor

Hugo Sarmiento Urban Planning

Street Vending: Understanding the Political Geography of Enforcement

Stephanie Tsai Urban Planning

Diversity and Inclusion in the Public Utility Workforce

Renata Turrent Public Policy

Center for Immigrant students at New Mexico State University

Andrea Silva Political Science

Out of Bounds: Court rulings and State intentions in Sub-National Immigration Policy

Amrah Salomon Ethnic Studies

Low Wage Worker Collaborative Community Research Proposal

Cassandra Engeman Sociology

Unions and Family Values: Conditions for Workplace Leave Policy Adoption in US States, 1977-2012

Jesse Halvorsen History

Driven to Poverty: Misclassification, and Wage Theft in Southern California’s Short Haul Trucking Industry