2014-15 UCLA Faculty Small Grant Awardees

Principal Investigator(s)


Project Title

Sameer Ashar
Assessing the Impact of Wage Theft in Orange County

Caitlin Patler

Criminology, Law and Society
Released but not Free: The Impacts of Immigration Detention and Reentry on Employment, Housing, and Family Relationships
Jacqueline Leavitt
Urban Planning
Organizing a Greener LA: Leveraging SB 535 for LA’s Environmental Justice Communities
John Rogers Education Representations of Unions in American and Canadian Social Studies Standards
Janna Shadduck-Hernandez
UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education
Trabajadoras y Proveedoras: Bridging Low-­‐Wage Workers and Family Child Care Providers for
Affordable, Quality Child Care
Abel Valenzuela
Chicana/o Studies & Urban Planning
Outcomes and Retention Issues among Undocumented Students at UCLA
Noah Zatz


The Invisible Fist: State Coercion in Los Angeles’ Low-Wage Labor Market

Karthick Ramakrishnan

Political Science
Immigration Federalism in the Context of Presidential Action
Ellen Reese
Warehouses & Our Future: Working Class Struggles in the Inland Valley
Ellen Reese
Labor Studies
Dennis Childs

Mass Deportation and Mass Incarceration Research Project

Isaac Martin
How the Public Pays for Property Tax Limitation
Eileen Boris
Feminist Studies
Enforcement Strategies for Empowerment: Models for the California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights
Nelson Lichtenstein
Center for the Study of Work, Labor, and Democracy
Low Wage Worker Survey in Santa Barbara and Isla Valley