2009 UCLA Student Small Grant Awardees

Principal Investigator(s)


Project Title

Kyle Arnone
Bridging the Blue/Green Divide: The Campaign to Organize Port Truck Drivers on California's Waterfront

Kevin Barry, Chloe Osmer, Marcy Koukhab

Public Policy
Analysis of AB 1688: The Car Wash Worker Law
Abigail Cooke
Impacts of trade wage inequality across US States: Analysis using matched employer-employee data
Kjerstin Elmen-Gruys Sociology
Too Fat for Management? Gendered Size Discrimination on the Shop Floor
Jennifer Goldstein
Direct Trade" practices in the international coffee industry -- a way out of North-South inequality?
Shanna Gong
Movement, Market or State: Urban Agricultural Movements in the US and China
Zevi Gutfreund


The Language Politics of Americanization: The Rise and Resistance of Educational Inequality in Los Angeles

Anna Kim

Urban Planning
Investigating the Informal/Formal Divide: Blended Labor Market Participation in an Ethnic Enclave
PuongThao Le
Applied Mathematics
Effectiveness and Implications of Family Leave Policies on Parents of Newborns and Parents of Children with Special Health Care Needs
Rennie Lee
Worker Relations in a Chinese Restaurant
Caroline Luce

Food and Labor Union Iconography: Bagels and American Jewish identity in the 20th century

Hasan Mahmud
Economic Participation and Mobility Among Bangladeshi Immigrants in Los Angeles
Sarah Morando
The Second Generation at Work: the Early Employment Careers of Children of Immigrants
Lisa Mueller
Political Science
Hidden Class Struggles: The Politics of Labor and Ethnicity in Contemporary Africa
Selena Ortiz
Health Sciences
The Economic Consequences of Lost Wages among Mexican American Families with An Autistic Child
Caitlin Patler
Young and Undocumented: The Effects of Illegal Immigration Status On Mobility and Claims-Making in Los Angeles’ Low-Wage Labor Markets
Adam Richards
Health Sciences
Defining the occupational health and chronic disease priorities of day laborers in Los Angeles: a mixed methods study conducted in partnership with the Institute of Popular Education of Southern California
Elena Shih
Humanitarian Work: The Moral Economy of Women's Work in the Global Anti-Trafficking Movement"
Julia Tomassetti
The Union Avoidance Industry in Los Angeles
Ming-Hong Tsai
Anderson School of Management
Group Composition, Decision Rules, and Employees’ Cooperation
Yuki Yanai
Political Science
Redistributive Consequences of Economic Inequality: An Examination of Individuals’ Attitudes