2010 Events



Taylor Dark

December 1: "Obama and Labor " Video Available

Presented by: Taylor Dark, California State University, Los Angeles




Jin Nam ChoiNovember 17 : “Antecedents and Emergent Forms of Organizational Innovation” Video Available

Presented by: Jin Nam Choi, Seoul National University



Rebecca GivanNovember 10 : "What do Unions do in Healthcare? From the Healthcare System to the Healthcare Workplace in the United States and United Kingdom" Video Available

Presented by: Rebecca Givan, Cornell University




Liu Cheng photoOctober 25 : "China's Strike Wave and the Prospects for Labor Relations Reform"

Presented by: Liu Cheng, Shanghai Normal University Video Available



David KarjananOctober 20 : "The Informalization of the Economy: Subcontracting and Cash-In Hand Work in the U.S. Service and Construction Sectors"

Presented by: David Karjanen, University of Minnesota Video Available



Seth Harris photoOctober 6: Annual Ben Aaron Labor Law Lecture: " The Labor Department and Plan, Prevent, Protect: A New Approach to Regulatory Enforcement"

Presented by: Seth Harris, United States Deputy Secretary of Labor 



Strategic Image

May 28: IRLE Graduate Student Conference: "Strategic Decision-Making in Labor and Social Movement Organizations" 

Co-sponsored by the UCLA Department of Sociology Work, Labor and Social Movements Working Group.




May 26: "Unemployment and Precarious Work in Brazil: How International Comparisons Illuminate Brazillian Workers' Experiences"

Presented by: Nadya Araujo Guimares, University of Sao Paulo Media Link




May 12: "Mobilizing Law for Low-Wage Workers: Evidence from Los Angeles"

Presented by: Scott Cummings, UCLA Media Link





April 28: "How Green Was My Valley? Coercive Contract Enforcement in 19th Century Industrial Britain"

Presented by: Suresh Naidu, Harvard




Emerald Cities cover

April 26: "Building a Green Economy in Los Angeles and Beyond"

Presented by Dr. Joan Fitzgerald 
Northeastern University - Law, Policy and Society Program




Kelly Lytle-Hernandez

April 14: "Migra! A History of the U.S. Border Patrol"

Presented by Kelly Lytle-Hernandez, UCLA





Guy Standing

April 1: "Work After Globalization: Building Occupational Citizenship"

Presented by Guy Standing, University of Bath (UK) Media Link




John Buchanan

March 18: "Union Resilience Down Under? Reflections on Near Death Experience"

Presented by John Buchanan, University of Sydney, Australia




Karen Brodkin

March 3: "Power Politics: Environmental Activism in South Los Angeles"

Presented by Karen Brodkin, UCLA Media Link




Gillian Hart

February 19: 'Water is the Burning Issue': Fluid Politics and the Contradictions of Local Government

Presented by Gillian Hart, UC Berkeley




Barry Eidlin

January 13: "Class Conflict, Policy Development, and the State: Explaining the Postwar Divergence of U.S. and Canadian Labor Unions"

Presented by Barry Eidlin, UC Berkeley Media Link

Wage Theft cover

January 7: "Wage Theft and Workplace Violations in Los Angeles"

Presented by Ruth Milkman, Victor Narro and Ana Luz González