2007 Events

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December 2007

December 6, 2007. "National Capitalisms, Global Production Networks" OR "Who is Going To Tame the Market? Labor Standards in the Global Clothing Industry". Christel Lane, Cambridge University. Co-sponsored by the Department of Sociology and the Center for International Business Education and Reseach, AGSM.

November 2007

November 8, 2007. "The Labor Process Revisited: Institutional Polymorphism and Organizational Political Economy in the Manufacturing Field." Matt Vidal, IRLE Postdoctoral Fellow. Co-sponsored with the Sociology Seminar on Theory and Research in Comparative Social Analysis.

October 2007

October 26, 2007. "Symposium on The Socioeconomic Impact of Prop. 209: Ten Years Later." Co-sponsored by Impact 209 Coalition, Center for Labor Research & Education, UCLA School of Public Affairs, UCLA Division of Social Sciences, Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA, Asian American Studies Center at UCLA, Chicano Studies Research Center at UCLA, UCLA School of Law Critical Race Studies Program, and UCLA School of Law Program in Public Interest Law and Policy.

October 25, 2007. "Is There A Future for Employment Class Action Lawsuits?" Ben Aaron Annual Labor Law Lecture. Brad Seligman of The Impact Fund. Co-sponsored with the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Video Link

October 15, 2007. "A Constructive Force Against Radicalism: The Origins of Labor Anti-Communism."Jennifer Luff, IRLE Postdoctoral Fellow. Co-sponsored with the U.S. History Colloquium.

May 2007

May 22, 2007. "Engendering a New Working Class: Social Trauma and Labor Resistance in China.” Pun Ngai, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Co-sponsored by the Center for Chinese Studies and the Center for the Study of Women.

May 11, 2007. "The Political Economy of Social Concertation." Lucio Baccaro, MIT. Co-sponsored by the Human Resources & Organizational Behavior Research Seminar, Anderson School of Management.

May 3, 2007. "Labor Casualization, Precarious Work and Social Movements in France." Beatrice Appay, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France). Co-sponsored by the Center for European and Eurasian Studies and the Public Sociology Working Group.

April 2007

April 19, 2007. "A Theory of Antidiscrimination Law as Disruption:  How the Law Can Target Stereotyping and Transcend Group Boundaries." Vicki Schultz, Yale University. Co-sponsored by the Globalization and Labor Standards program (GALS).

March 2007

March 1, 2007. "The Politics of Sexual Harassment in the U.S., European Union, and Germany." Kathrin Zippel, Northeastern University. Abigail Saguy, discussant. Co-sponsored by the UCLA Center for European and Eurasian Studies, the Center for the Study of Women, and the Sociology Gender Working Group.

February 2007

February 6, 2007. "Impossible Subjects: IIlegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America." Mae Ngai, University of Chicago. Co-sponsored by the U.S. History Colloquium.

January 2007

January 23, 2007. "Black and Blue: African Americans, the Labor Movement, and the Decline of the Democratic Party." Paul Frymer, UC Santa Cruz. Co-sponsored by the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics.

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