2005 Events

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December 2005

December 1, 2005. "New Developments in U.S. Immigration Policy: The 2005 'Guest Worker' Proposals and Their Political Prospects." Marielena Hincapie, National Immigration Law Center. Co-sponsored by the UCLA Migration Study Group and the Dept. of Public Policy.

November 2005

November 22, 2005. "The Future of the U.S. Labor Movement: Can Unions Rebuild?," Anna Burger (Chair, Change to Win Federation) and Stewart Acuff (Organizing Director, AFL-CIO). Video Link

October 2005

October 8 and 9, 2005. "Comparative Labor Law: Bridging the Past and the Future," Co-sponsored by the UCLA School of Law and the UCLA Globalization and Labor Standards Project.

October 11, 2005. The Benjamin Aaron Lecture: "The Low Down on Labour Law Down Under: How Australia Compares with the U.S. and Canada," Ronald C. McCallum, Dean of Law, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney. Co-sponsored by the Labor & Employment Law Section of the LA County Bar Association.

October 27, 2005. "Contentious Transition: Labor Protests in China's Rustbelt and Sunbelt," Ching Kwan Lee, University of Michigan. Co-sponsored by the UCLA Dept. of Sociology.

March 2005

March 3, 2005. "Suburban Sweatshops." Jennifer Gordon, Fordham School of Law.

March 15, 2005. "Decision-Making by the Children of the NLSY." Shelly Lundberg, University of Washington.

March 30, 2005. "The Social Security Safety Net--Will it Hold?" Expert Panel, UCLA School of Law.

March 31, 2005. "Guest Workers and Immigration Reform: Legal, Social & Economic Problems & Prospects." Expert Panel, UCLA School of Law.

February 2005

February 11, 2005. Organizational Behavior Conference. Co-sponsored by the Anderson Graduate School of Management.

January 2005

January 19, 2005. "Why Low Income Women Put Motherhood before Marriage." Kathryn Edin, Department of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania.

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