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Join us as we present the UCLA Institute for Research and Employment's 2015 conference on Labor, Entertainment, & Sports: An Intersectional and Interdisciplinary Inquiry.  The conference will take place at Crowne Plaza Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, CA on Friday and Saturday, April 17-18, 2015.  


The objective of the conference is to help build intellectual bridges between scholars taking critical and intersectional approaches to labor, organized labor, and industry professionals and practitioners. Panelists will discuss current labor and employment issues in the fields of sports and entertainment, and highlight the importance of racial/ethnic, gender/sexual orientation, and class/labor analyses of labor and employment issues in these industries.  Panels will address gender, racial, and sexual orientation representation and equity; the labor of student athletes; global and transnational issues; unions, collective bargaining and labor disputes; health and safety issues; economic security and working conditions; innovative entrepreneurship; artist/athlete rights and representation; and current labor and employment issues in the industries.


The conference will culminate with an actors’ roundtable, featuring actors/filmmakers-workers discussing: the relationship between race/intersectional identity, labor, and the entertainment industry; the inclusion of diverse groups in the industry’s workforce, including lead roles, writing, directing, producing, and talent representation; worker/actor experiences in the workplace/labor market; the identification of best practices for increasing opportunities for underrepresented groups in industry’s workforce; and the broader implications of a diverse workforce in the industry.



Conference Organizers:


Pamela A. Izvanariu

Pamela A. Izvănariu, J.D., LL.M.

Director of Research and Development

UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment

Chris Tilly

Chris Tilly

Professor of Urban Planning and Sociology


UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment

Conference Sponsors:
UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment

School/Institution Sponsors:

Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), UCLA School of Social Sciences, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, UCLA Institute of American Cultures, UCLA School of Law, UCLA Williams Institute, the Critical Race Studies Program at the UCLA School of Law, UCLA International Institute



Program and Department Cosponsors:
UCLA Department of History, UCLA Chicano Research Studies Center, UCLA Asian American Studies Center, UCR Labor Studies Program, UCLA Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies, UCLA American Indian Studies Center, UCLA Center for the Study of Women, UCLA Chicana/o Studies Department