Counter Culture & American Hair: Untangling Race, Labor, and Class in Salons and Diners

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
4:00 - 6:00 pm
Public Affairs 5391

Presented by Candacy Taylor, Writer, Photographer, and Cultural Critic

Discussant: Mike Rose, UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies


About the Talk:

Author, photographer and cultural critic, Candacy Taylor has traveled over 26,000 miles throughout the United States documenting diner waitresses for her book Counter Culture: The American Coffee Shop Waitress (Cornell University Press). She is now working on a project with the Library of Congress examining hair, culture and identity in America for her forthcoming book and exhibit, AMERICAN HAIR. This multimedia talk will feature what Taylor has learned about women, work, class, culture and identity on America's main streets, urban hubs and rural byways.

About the Speakers:


Candacy Taylor

Taylor is an award-winning photographer, writer and cultural critic. Her work has been featured in over 40 publications, television programs, and radio programs including: The New Yorker, The Wall St. Journal (Best In), USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, AARP, To The Best of Our Knowledge and KCET’S ArtBound. ABC optioned COUNTER CULTURE for a television series and the exhibit made Southwest Airlines’ top ten list of things to see in the United States. Taylor's work is archived at The Library of Congress. She lives in Los Angeles.  For more information, visit her website.



Mike Rose

Mike Rose is a professor of education in the Social Research Methodology division of the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies (GSE&IS).  Over his forty years in education, Rose has taught in a range of settings, from kindergarten to job training and adult literacy programs. He has written a number of books and articles on language, literacy, and cognition, including the autobiographical Lives on the Boundary: The Struggles and Achievements of America’s Educationally Underprepared, Possible Lives: The Promise of Public Education in America, The Mind at Work: Valuing the Intelligence of the American Worker, Why School? Reclaiming Education for All of Us, and Back to School: Why Everyone Deserves a Second Chance at Education. 


This event is cosponsored by the UCLA Center for the Study of Women